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Social Media Management Pricing in 2022

Social Media Management is a game-changer for many small businesses and social media management pricing is the main question for many business owners to enter into this marketing tool. Well in this article we are going to discuss it in detail.

What is the Cost of Social Media Management Pricing in 2022?

When it comes to digital marketing, you can not ignore social media. Two-quarter of the world's population now has at least one active account on social networks.

Instagram and Facebook have become an integral part of our everyday routine. People love to share what they love and expect likes and reviews from people.

Due to this, social media continue to gain popularity and is a great and effective marketing tool to show your products to potential customers to fill the gap between seller and buyer.

Moreover, social media gives you the power to encourage and aware your potential customers and create an image that you want.

Social media marketing is way cheaper than other traditional marketing techniques with a high ROI. Especially if you are on your own, you can take the help of social media and boost your products and empower your brand.

After finding it a useful medium, the next thing we look at is pricing. Well, the answer to this is not straight. It depends on several factors: the number of social media you want to choose, the product or service that you sell, the competitors that you have in the market, the agency that you choose and their experience, and so on.

In the UK, the average agency charge you £650 per day, £1,200 monthly retainer, and £400 per campaign. I know that's too high for small businesses to afford and spend on marketing.

Well, we, fetched media, have three subscriptions for our customers starting from £200 per month to £1200 per month according to your requirements.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Creating a business page on Facebook or Twitter account is free of cost. You don't have to pay money for that. So we can find thousands of pages and accounts on different social media. But the important question is are they able to convert? Well, 62% of small businesses fail with Facebook Ads and can not make enough sales.

Most people business ower try to do everything by themselves and end up with no net revenue. Monitoring social media can be very time-consuming.

He or she definitely needs someone to monitor these accounts, and write customer-engaging posts. These things done by some professionals would be like the best thing that you want.

Outsourcing a social media management agency like Fetchedmedia will help you to drive your customers to your funnel. You can review their recommendations and improve yourself to out-race your competitors. So let's talk whats the price you have to pay for this advantage.

If you search on google and view a few agencies, you will definitely sweat yourself from their pricing range. They include so many features that you may not need. So you might go under negotiation and end up with no proper response.

Fetched media is specially launched to promote small businesses and help big companies to build their brand and generate revenue. Thatswhy we offer our service starting from £200. You are free to contact us and talk about the features and pricing.

What does Social Media Management Agency do?

First and foremost, let's review what Social Media Agencies do:

  • Managing a multiple social media accounts

  • Creating unique content for different platforms

  • Tracking effectiveness & activity of social posts

  • Maintaining the brand's visual and verbal tone

  • Creating lead generation campaigns

  • Engaging with the audience and managing their expectations

  • Providing customer support on social media

  • Competitor research & benchmarking

Why choose Fetched Media?

Advertising depends on the size of your business, how many social platforms do you have or would like to have and how much are you willing to invest. Corporate companies normally have their marketing departments who look after their social media channels, however, independent small businesses don't, and that's where Fetched Media steps in.

Every business is different, but from what we’ve seen with our clients Instagram and Facebook tend to provide the greatest exposure to clients & other businesses. if you’d like to also do social media marketing on channels like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, those additional channels can easily cost you £2000 or more.

That’s a huge & great investment, so you want to be strategically sure about which social media platforms you want to choose. We can always advise you on what paths would work the best for your business. Contact Fetched Media to get a free consultation.

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