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Instagram Stories for Strategic Marketing

Instagram is one of the powerful social media platforms with huge potential not only to influence people but also to increase revenue. People may use different features of Instagram to meet their interests. People used to put direct posts a few times back as they don't have interactive options to express their products in an advertising way.

As time changed, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) launched its story feature in 2017 to make users more open to sharing their posts in the form of stories. The main advantage to users was that their story appears only for 24 hours and after that, they disappear. This gives value to the contents of the user as those posts only create momentarily hipe and has no evidence for the future. This encourages people to put more stories rather than general posts.

If you see today, 50% of Instagram users learn about a brand’s products through the story feature, and 85% follow at least one brand. However, not every brand uses it, and that’s like setting one table in your restaurant when there’s room for two. First of all, stories appear at the top of the app and are a great addition to your regular posts. Instagram Stories allows you to feature your consumers, tell your brand story, work with influencers, create polls and quizzes, and even go live.

Brands are increasingly turning to IG Stories to add variety to their content and keep things fresh. Stories offer a rich resource for brand marketing that you’d be silly to overlook. For example, here’s a snapshot from an NYX Cosmetics Instagram story featuring new products they’ve rolled out in celebration of Black History Month – including a link to purchase. It’s super easy for your fans to scoop up the products you feature while highlighting the causes you support.

It helps to create brand awareness and consumers will know that we are talking about the recent products and offer. Once people know we deliver stunning offers, consumers can not help themselves not looking at our story coz they know that if they miss it, they might miss something valuable that they can not see the next day.

This creates a psychological effect in the mind of customers and with little effort in our content, we can pull up tons of customers. Many social media agency has identified the potential of Instagram stories and has helped their clients to generate leads and ultimately sales.

We, Fetched Media, have a team of experienced people working in this field and are creative to make strategies to give value to their customers.

You can simply fill up the contact form and we will contact you. You are just one contact form away from boosting your business on Instagram and other social media.

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